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casual pepper spray everything cop

[7] UC Davis was subjected to a 40 percent cut in its general funds and a $130 million deficit in 2011. The "Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop" meme takes center stage in Know Your Meme's latest episode.In the video, Internet scientist Forest Gibson unravels the short but eventful history of … Here are a few of my favorites. Especially when it comes to Oakland pepper spray cop… The Council of UC Faculty Associations. [73] On the following day, she stated that the police had gone against her specific orders to act peacefully when removing tents or equipment, and not to proceed if there were too many students, and she had not approved the police use of riot gear. [42] Attorney Bernie Goldsmith told The Davis Enterprise that the Occupy demonstrators plan to return on January 9, 2012. We also call for a policy that will end the practice of forcibly removing non-violent student, faculty, staff, and community protestors by police on the UC Davis campus. Katehi, citing safety concerns about people from outside the UC Davis community participating in demonstrations on the campus, informed the Occupy UC Davis group in writing that the tents must be removed by 3:00 pm "in the interest of safety, respect for our campus environment and in accordance with our Principles of Community. (November 21, 2011). [93] The consultancy fee was paid by the university's communications department, whose budget had increased from almost $3m in 2009, to $5.5m in 2015. A testament to how fast we are consuming culture these days, it only took ~72 hours for the UC Davis “Casually Pepper Spraying Cop” Photoshop meme … [28] Midday, protestors set up seven tents to symbolize their support for the Occupy movement. [16] Nearly a year later, on July 27, 2013, it was reported that Pike had filed for workers compensation, and hoped to receive a monetary award for what he termed a "psychiatric injury" due to threats he received after his identity was made public. [87] Viewing footage of the incident, political strategist Ron Christie described it on Hardball with Chris Matthews as "excessive force", saying, "I wouldn't call that pepper spray, I'd say that was a pepper-hose. casually pepper spray everything cop. See more ideas about Pepper spray, Cop, Spray. Knight, H. (November 21, 2011). isla vista. Rob Roy 623 views Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Google Plus; Share on Pinterest; Casual Pepperspray Everything Cop; like; meh; 0; Can't Sit There . casually pepper spray everything cop. On November 19, after holding a press conference, Chancellor Katehi walked out of an administration building and was confronted by hundreds of silent demonstrators who lined the sidewalk as she made the three-block walk to a waiting vehicle. Oct 12, 2012 - Explore Violet Flame's board "Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop" on Pinterest. I will do everything in my power to make sure nothing like that ever happens again." UC Faculty group decries Bill Bratton leading pepper spray probe, "Judge to rule on release of UC pepper-spray report", Campus Task Force Criticizes Pepper Spraying of Protesters, Pepper-spraying campus police won't face charges, California cop who pepper-sprayed student protesters awarded $38,000, University of California offers $30,000 each to pepper-sprayed students, University of California to pay nearly $100 thousand in deal with 21 pepper-sprayed UC-Davis Occupy protesters, "Full text of "Stipulation for UC Davis Settlement"; Case No. [99], On August 9, 2016 Katehi resigned her position as Chancellor of the University, but retained her position as a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and is allowed to have the title "chancellor emerita". Public Figure [22] The following years saw several large protests and actions across California in response to tuition hikes and other complaints against the UC administration, including 52 arrested on November 19, 2009[23] and an attempt to block the local interstate on March 4, 2010. [27], On November 9, 2011 students and professors at UC Berkeley began with a series of teach-ins around campus, a noon rally, and a march. [51][52][53], According to university officials, the officers felt like they were "surrounded" by the demonstrators. isla vista. Print (Photo via We don’t … © 2020 TIME USA, LLC. [55] Arrestees were "cited and released on misdemeanor charges of unlawful assembly and failure to disperse". This autonomous action involved directly sitting in front of the bank, forcing the bank to effectively shut down every day. Davis to Investigate Use of Pepper Spray at Protest", UC "President announces task force members", UC Davis chief launches probe into pepper-spraying of Occupy protesters, Occupy Wall Street police response should be investigated by DoJ, Nadler says, "Occupy Protest Shuts Down Operations at Monsanto Today and Tomorrow", "Officer at center of pepper-spraying incident no longer works at UC Davis", "Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Students At Occupy Protest Wants Worker's Compensation For 'Psychiatric Injury, "Pepper-spray cop gets $38K in workers' comp", "Former UC Davis police lieutenant receives $38,000 workers' compensation settlement", "Pepper-spray lieutenant appeals for worker's comp", "UC Regents approve 2009-10 student fees", "District Attorney won't charge UC Davis protestors", "Protestors clash with police in attempt to block I-80", "Occupy Davis chooses Central Park as its focus", "Occupy Cal calm, but ready for showdown", "Occupy Cal protesters vote to strike on Tuesday", "UC campus police move in on student protesters", "UC Berkeley Pledges to Investigate Police Response to Occupy Cal Protest", "Reactions to the police response to Occupy Cal on Nov. 9", Davis Faculty Association Endorses Occupy Cal’s Call for Strike, UCD rally ties tuition fight to Occupy movement, Protesters pepper sprayed by police at CSU board of trustees meeting - YouTube, Wardle Testimony at Dec 14 11 Joint Ed Hearing - YouTube, "UC Davis protesters dismantle tent camp as winter break arrives", "U.S. Bank closes branch, terminates agreements with the campus", UC Davis Pepper-Spraying: Police Chief Put On Leave, Chancellor Speaks, Los Altos native pepper-sprayed at UC Davis protests, "UC Davis pepper-spray officer fired despite being cleared by internal panel", "California university launches inquiry into pepper spray of protesters", Police Defend Use Of Force On ‘Occupy UC Davis’, "UCD to review pepper-spraying, clearing of protesters", "UC Davis Police Brutally Pepper Spray OWS Protesters Sitting Peacefully on Campus", Outcry over 'chilling' campus pepper spray use, Brad Knickerbocker, “UC Davis pepper spray incident goes viral”, The Christian Science Monitor, November 20, 2011, ‘Occupy UC Davis’ Protesters Vow To Stay Despite Police Raid, "UC Davis police placed on leave after pepper spray video outrage", UC Davis police chief put on leave as tensions continue to rise after pepper spray incident, "Pepper Spray's Fallout, From Crowd Control to Mocking Images", "10 Inventors Who Came to Regret Their Creations", "After Pepper-Spraying, A Powerfully Silent Protest At UC Davis", "California campus police on leave after pepper-spraying", "Task Force Created To Review Pepper Spray Incident", "Chancellor apologizes for pepper spraying", "UC Davis chancellor apologizes for pepper spray incident", UC Davis Graduate Student Association censures Katehi, "Occupy UC Davis Calls for a General Strike", "Chancellor Katehi apologizes to protesters for UC Davis pepper-spraying", "UC Davis chancellor says police defied her orders when they used pepper spray on protesters", "CA chancellor under fire for pepper-spray incident". [11][64] Also that evening, the board of the UC Davis Faculty Association issued a statement calling for both the immediate resignation of the Chancellor and an end to police removal of non-violent demonstrators from the campus: Given the recent use of excessive force by police against "occupy" protestors at UC Berkeley and elsewhere, the Chancellor must have anticipated that, by authorizing police action, she was effectively authorizing their use of excessive force against peaceful UCD student protestors.

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