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pantene rose conditioner

So i switched back to Pantene just to see and YUP! Sad world we live in when people care more about how they look than the state of their health -_-. You, being an intelligent lad and of sound mind, must be aware that no two individuals are completely the same. I realize not everyone’s hair is the same but I love Pantene. There’s nary a plastic to be found in Pantene. no more comments! My scalp would build up large amounts of skin that were highly visible and peel like a bad case of dandruff. The loreal everpure line is almost identical to purology. If you want to use pantene, I recommend using a clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a month. I feel that almost 90% of people out there have been using grocery store shampoo products their whole life and none of these people have hair loss. After my husband commented on how thin my hair looked I started taking vitamins, thinking that was the cause of my hair issues. Why doesn’t it? Don’t compromise reason because there are people who just want to tear down companies like Pantene. My hair gets greasy and oily very quickly after shampooing and/or conditioning with Pantene, whereas I don’t have that problem with other shampoos. There would’ve been an investigation in the company, and they would’ve been bankrupt long ago. It left a gooey type of trail on my hairline. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. Is a cleansing conditioner just like a 2-in-1? The fact is its bad bad stuff engineered to perform and marketed to bring in the dollars for shareholders. A lot of salon brands are filled with silicone too. In fact, the drug store and salon brands are many times owned by the same parent company, made is the same materials, in the same factory, using the same formulas. Trust me, you cannot ever declare that any product (just shampoo and conditioners) causes hair loss. It suds up really well, smells amazing, and makes my hair soft and smooth without weighing it down or making it greasy/oily which I hate. On some of the natural stuff, my hair tangled terribly. I just don’t know what to do. It also smells incredible, and leaves my hair soft and silky without weighing it down from residue. It is what has always worked for my hair and has never let me down. Why be so “Nippy”? I’d love to hear how you explain away all that data. My stylist got me nervous because she told me that Pantene is horrible and urged me to try something else…not happening! Thanks for voicing your opinion so eloquently, Pankaj. Limit ONE coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated. A lot of drugstore brands list water as one of their ingredients. If you’re using styling tools good shampoo and conditioner really isn’t enough. It also reportedly makes your scalp itchy and hair fall out. So, I keep it simple, now. Type of hair, colored, or not dry or oily, allergies, goals of what you are expecting. Then shampoo again and condition. YOU REALLY DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! I guess they got bought out and reformulated and the mass marketing began and they ended up as being the biggest selling drug store product we see today. Phew. There are a lot of drug store brands that work well. So what’s the Ph of the Pantene shampoos? They’re the Advertising Standards Authority. (After all, ALL conditioners have to leave something behind on the hair or they would have no effect). I’m a Boilermaker, my job exposes me to some of the most carcinogenic materials known to man and yes; i buy pantene when its half price at Coles which seems to be every time i need shampoo… I personally enjoy using Pantene products every once in a while…when in a bind. ie: Coca-Cola is a huge corporation. i said pantene. Also you can do a baking soda mixture that takes build off. Pantene has produced the best results for me. 4.4 out of 5 stars with 896 reviews. Because we’ve worked on these products and tested many, many different formulas both salon and drugstore. What a waste of my time!! The Restoring Moisture Milk includes rose water, antioxidants, and our legendary pro-vitamin B5 in a creamy formula free of … My hair was always my best feature, in my opinion. My hair was always short, never got it much longer than to my shoulders. It appears as if there has been a coating of cream on your hair which is protective layer. I combined coupons with a sale on Pantene and bought a bunch of bottles to last my family a long while. You have to have a thick skin in this business! I don’t know why you are so invested in a particular brand of shampoo, but the fact is that over the years Pantene has just exploded like a cancer. I myself like pantene but I don’t know who to believe because I don’t know if I want to take that chance or not. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist who works behind the chair for years. It began showing up on drugstore shelves in the 80’s as a very expensive salon brand in distinctive highend bottles (think at about $10/bottle which was an un-heard of high end price for a drugstore offering in those days). Or one which is chemically going to function the same in the formula , but may have been changed due to viscosity, fragrance, availability at time of production, color, etc. Also, just for the record, we don’t represent Pantene in any way whatsoever. We’re just sharing our opinions which we try to base on scientific evidence as much as possible. I never used Pantene but most of the time when I noticed the problems in my clients hair and ask them what they are using, it’s often Pantene. I also have very thick hair, and some shampoos do mat it down, so maybe pantene works better for thin hair. Moreover just like most of the reviewers indicated, I have never experienced the amount of hair falling out in the shower, after I started using Pantene Products. My hair dresser said I had amazing hair and also had many people stop me randomly telling me I have the best hair. The same thing everyone does at their jobs in order to get a paycheck. I’m sorry you have the impression that we’re sponsored by Pantene. Any shampoo over time can deposit ingredients that build up. It’s just a matter of what your hair wants and needs. There is a three step system. I started using it and yes the shampoo smells great. You are so right about P&G. Hello Randy. Are they fantastic results? SO long story short, Pantene gave me chronic dandruff so I don’t recommend it unless you’re planning on having a white Christmas this year. Try a silk or satin pillowcase. “Is the person you are listening to an educated licensed cosmetologist or educated chemist or is it a well spoken marketer?”. I tried all I could find of Pantene’s to manage the frizz and curls… and everything works for a couple hours, then it just frizzes back out. Maybe for dry hair, Pantene is good. Cancer is a by-product of the industrial revolution which none of us can live without because we love our carcinogen based necessities like plastic toothbrushes, plastic hormone manipulating food and beverage containers, plastic new car smell, plastic food (McPoison) that some people manage to raise children on with severe nutrient deficiencies and then let a Doctor label them ADHD so they get prescribed plastic tablets to benefit shareholders of giant chemical factories who couldn’t care less about the millions of temporarily focused health compromised anhedonia time bombs they create, shampoo YES ITS PLASTIC try putting a flame to it and see if it smells different to any other burning chemicals! Remember, if the product is cheap, the result will also be cheap. Let me get this straight. A friend just last week texted me and asked me what I use on my hair because I have ridiculously awesome hair. IS PANTENE GOOD FOR MENS HAIR BECAUSE I WANTED TO TRY IT OUT. Pantene. Herbal Essences Rose Hips Smooth Shampoo, 29.2 fl. (I believe you’re thinking of Quaternium 15 which is a COMPLETELY different chemical). And, tip them WELL. Dear Randy and THE Beauty BrainS TEAM, You might also try the Living Proof products which are based on a Teflon like compound that’s supposed to be pretty good as well. I don’t use pantene every day. Phew, that was long. !-, I found that pantene is so good for your hair it made my hair grow long and curly i like your campuny, I have used Paul Mitchell awapuhi wild ginger love the smell,ive used joico, biolage , redken only salon brands for years Paul Michell skinny serum , tech Italy massuse leave in , snap eat list goes on of salon brands then I use a spinning air brush, tonight I decided to use husbands Pantene just for an experiment and different scent. You may need to do a baking soda balance out the ph of the scalp. It is a balance. I love my Pantene Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner it does a great job on my hair. Pantene Rose Water Shampoo and Conditioner Dual Pack- 17.8 fl oz. I’m Asian and have black/dark-brown hair that is very thick and unfortunately gets oily very easily. I tried expensive ones – I’d always leave feeling worse about my hair, and bad about myself in general, after they assumed I never brush or wash it (even though I’d come in with it wet and having just been washed and combed). Just don’t be tricked by the claims on the label. I grew up in my moms salon that she worked in and pretty much always used some professional shampoo, biolage, Paul Mitchell, and as a stylist I’ve used so many brands, surface, bumble and bumble, Wella, goldwell, the list goes on and on. Made with Rose Water from the petals and buds of rosa gallica that thrives in the Middle East. As for pantene? I’m a hairdresser and every time someone uses pantene I can feel a build up on there hair and there hair is in terrible shape. I finally thought I’d try switching shampoos. oz. The idea is to keep the shaft smooth and moisturised so that your hair doesn’t break. You know what *I* don’t want to pay for? While most stylists are very talented at cutting and styling hair, they’re not very talented at interpreting cosmetic formulations. Now I am afraid of loosing all of my hair because of the Pantene shampoo. My hair is very long and in great condition. I have supper frizzy, curly hair that gets worse when I brush it. (BTW I am familiar with the ASA. Can I see these peer reviewed studies? Synthetic fragrance free I also lose a ton of hair every time I wash or brush it – but you’d never be able to tell, because there’s still so much left, always! If your hair is falling out to an excess (scalp shows) and is not growing – go see your doctor. When I read the ingredients I discovered it contained polyurethane which I believe is the problem.

Ash Trees In Southern California, How To Draw Spiral Stair Section, Creative Thinking Process, Fox River Valley Nursery Review, M-audio Uber Mic Shock Mount, Msi Laptop Screen Not Turning On After Sleep, Subaru Forester Engine, Whirlpool Refrigerator Double Door 4 Star,

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