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thermomix uk review

Here it is guys, my full review of the Thermomix TM6! Hence, I kept wondering if I have missed out bigger things by getting the TM5, so much so that I was considering selling it to get TM6. Hmmmm......lurking. I was hoping that the temperature inside the Varoma (due to heat loss) would be lower than 37C and hopefully hover around 26C which would be perfect for sourdough bread. I’m about to purchase a TM6 after having a TM5 but don’t always want to use the wifi every time. You cannot use your chips stuck on the side of the Thermomix? However, the same thing happened to my iPhone when the new iOS was released and it took a few software updates before things had smoothed out. One thing to note here is that this is not strictly a “new feature”, it is simply a pre-programmed feature that automates the process of cleaning. The screen is larger, brighter and the user interface is better, this might be important for people like me and I think it makes the TM6 more enjoyable and easier to use. This is a feature that goes hand in hand with caramelisation and makes the process of cleaning the mixing bowl quickly a little easier and helps to prevent food from hardening to the bowl before it is too late. I have also not noticed any evidence of the automatic detection feature actually working, it seems to stick to 1 minute for everything that I have tried and hasn’t varied from that time setting at all. No, no nice colours. The extremely popular TM31 is still current and for sale in countries such as Canada, South Africa and Mexico until early 2015. It is now more flexible making it easier to scrape things out of the bowl. Thank you for your honesty… for thought. I have since purchased a Wifi extender to increase the range of my Wifi signal in the kitchen and Thermomix have fixed the bug which has caused me to be logged out each time but you should definitely be aware that if your signal isn’t the best in your kitchen, you may have to improve it in order to have a positive experience with the TM6. Your review has helped to clear my doubts. I got the TM5 just before they announced TM6. Caramel for honeycomb should not spend too much time over 140C otherwise it will start to burn and go bitter and I registered the temperature of the caramel during the cooking process at over 150C for at least 5-10 minutes. MoreBeta, the thermomix also cooks the food.I know someone who has one. But on a second thought, I will kiv my decision of a TM6. Anything above 40 degrees and our lovely lactobacilli that we are cultivating start to die. Sounds a bit like more money from people to get the subscription. I think my favorite improvement so far is that you can search for recipes online, add them to your weekly plan and then see a shopping list! I have one. I hope they are, I just haven’t had the chance to test them for long enough! Although this is extremely frustrating for me, I see is as less of a problem than the frying because I don’t caramelise that often and when I do, I do appreciate a bit of guidance with the process! As long as the seal is tight and no water from the water bath gets into the bag whilst it is cooking you will be fine! I’m not sure you’ll want to have your Thermomix running for that long at home! This is similar story to sous vide mentioned above. The latest iteration, the TM5, is a well-designed machine, larger than the previous TM31 model, but easy to move thanks to a handle on the top of the base. Say bye bye to slow cooking Oma’s goulash in the Thermomix, you’ll have to use their recipe on Cookidoo to do that (which I’m personally not a fan of so far). Yes I decided to hold off and get the tm6. Love the review Ok guys, brace yourself for this one… to me, this mode feels like a bit like a fancy description for yoghurt function and seems a bit more marketing gimmick than real improvement (I know those are strong words but hear me out). Mum just told me that apparently "everybody" has one in Spain and Portugal and it features in every single wedding registry.I have a Kitchen Aid, would it still be worth it? Thanks a lot!!!!! This was a little annoying for me as I have five TM5 bowls that I can’t use on my new Thermomix and I’m going to have to buy some more TM6 bowls in order to stay effective in my kitchen for recipe development! The thermomix really is a super machine but for half the price you can buy a a good food processor, breadmaker, electronic weigh scale, good pans and utensils and cook loads of different dishes all at the same time - whereas that machine weighs, processes, cooks just one thing at a time. Proper German engineering! I do love the Yoghurt automated recipe on the TM5 which I make every week but otherwise I don’t think I will upgrade to the TM6. In addition to a host of new hardware features, the TM6 boasts a wide range of new software improvements and new cooking functions. Yet my friends who have the TM31 have had no problems and they are still going strong. You suggested they did in the review but just confirming as that would be a big sell point for me. Thanks for the review. All Rights Reserved. The Cookidoo restrictions bother me too. Guided cooking definitely isn’t an important feature for me personally and the Cookidoo platform, although impressive for what it does, simply isn’t a good fit in my household. (function() { Unfortunately my hopes were smashed here. Hi Sophia, really good to hear what you think! Thermomix: A Frank Review. Must congratulate on taking the time and effort on doing the review. Every single recipe I've tried has been fantastic. Really can’t wait until its released in more countries. However, I haven’t needed to transport the TM6 at all since I bought it so I’m not sure if any long car journeys or camping trips might affect the longevity of them **. Do they often do software updates to address issues? Thank you for your review it helped me make my decision as i was looking at upgrading my TM31 to future proof, even though the TM6 still sounds great, mainly for the scales and screen i decided to purchase the TM5 (I got a great deal) and will look at upgrading in a couple of years once improvements have been made on the TM6. During my tests I discovered that the only improvement is that the time allowed for a slow cook is now 12 hours as opposed to 99 minutes on the TM5, which is great for being able to break down those tougher cuts of meat in to succulent morsels! Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm. Overview. I’m also toying TM5 vs TM6, and wanted to ask if you know mostly about the overnight 8 hour programs For the different books? Pre-rinsing worked great for cleaning up after caramel (but unfortunately hasn’t worked well for much else). It is totally up to you as to whether you feel like this is a priority. It seems like a big outlay, it's not cheap. it is good if you use it a lot. That sounded like a confession. I have a Thermomix. however, I have a fab and very powerful magimix with a teeny weeny bowl attachment which I was planning to use. -of you have to use cookidoo recipes, can you use the slow cooker function with meat in the steamer basket, covered in sauce, so the blades don’t get it, or spin the blades in reverse? thank you so much for this review, do I get you right? This one can be used with the TM5 bowl though as well. Just a question with regard to the caramelisation that it cooks it too long. These were my results after 10 minutes of frying 4 medium onions. The other software features strike me as small and surely could have included them as a software update on the TM5. Remember guys, I’m not sponsored by Thermomix at all, so my review is totally unbiased, though I am a HUGE Thermomix fan and rely on it every day in my kitchen. The TM6 retains all of the features that the Thermomix is famous for (you’ve heard the saying ’20 appliances in 1′ right?) I complained to the Thermomix UK Customer services but they do not take any responsibility for the cheating and illegal actions of their advisors. However, for someone who doesn’t own a Thermomix yet and is perhaps a beginner in the kitchen, or looking for more convenience in their cooking, this machine would be absolutely perfect for them! Thank you, this was so helpful. Hi. Hi Sophia! I really want to get a Thermomix and almost got a TM5 at $1500AUD. This is a clear mistake in the guided recipe that I hope they rectify! This is great for beginners, but annoys me more than anything else as I am a notorious over filler! I love and use my TM5 all the time, but I also use the rest of my kitchen and slow cooking can be left to my slow cooker etc.Thank you, for now, until my TM5 bites the dust, you’ve saved me £1k. Mum and Dad only parted with it because Dad wanted the updated model with stainless steel bowl.I love it, they love it. The blades are still sharp, it works perfectly despite heavy use. I’ll be watching for your updates as you continue to put the TM6 through its paces. Also, good luck fitting a Kombucha jar or modest quantity of kimchi in the Varoma… if you do, please let me know how you did it! I don’t hate it, I promise! I loved the upgrade and it feels great! I really value your opinion as well as the time you spend sharing and teaching your followers and I want to say right here and now that YOU have inspired me more than anyone or anything else Thermomix related, so I really appreciate you doing this review. It is super helpful for a busy family life… As i also like to improvise (especially on weekends when i have time), i was wondering if you can add your own recipe into a guided mode and save it on TM6? I am still using my TM31, (I’ve had it for at least 6 years) and I love it and use it every day. Thanks so much for the great review guys. The Thermomix was already a kitchen powerhouse, making difficult recipes easy to achieve every day. I recommend you find a Thermomix direct sales consultant and get it for about $400 less. I sent it to the TM6 and input some olive oil and frozen mirepoix. Furthermore, kettles that have temperature settings are common and inexpensive nowadays so its up to you whether you feel like this is worth it. Review: Thermomix. We’ve tried all four of these kitchen heavyweights out. After your review I am in two minds now and I really appreciate that!! Consumers seem to love all-in-one kitchen appliances right now, and that's exactly what the Thermomix is. Furthermore, as an independent recipe developer and free-spirit in the kitchen, I love to experiment and be creative with my own recipes. You’d be better off proving at room temperature and waiting a little longer for the dough to rise! This cake is beautiful and moist, the flavours are spicy and delicious, and the frosting is out of this world.While this cake takes a little while to prepare (due to soaking the cashews for the buttercream),…, Grab all of your favourite thermomix gadgets online on my beautiful new store now. ** Update 23rd June 2019: after several months of using the TM6 (sitting on a Thermi Ergoslide on my kitchen counter) I can report that the scales are still working perfectly. Hello. Not that I'm complaining!Whether you're after a wonderful weeknight dinner, or you're entertaining a crowd, this…, Trust me: you will have never tasted a vegan, gluten free cake quite as amazing as this before. I really like a big beautiful screen and for me it is a priority as I am used to smartphones and it seems every year they get bigger and bigger! Thank you so ,I have for your honest review. Would probably go for the accessories. However, I was testing the temperature of the caramel throughout the process with my digital thermometer and noticed that the temperature was getting too high. Creme caramel was uncooked after the recommenced cooking time( 100 C steaming) after extending 20 min more using Varoma ended with scrambled eggs! Also, those scales are SOOOO good! It is worth every dollar! Food mixer I would sort of like in my heart but in my head I know it would be big and sit on the side kitchen unit hardly used. Ours gets used all the time and we wouldn't be without it now. I’m a bit of a fermentation nerd. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. They're fudgy and oh-so-chocolatey – and they're gluten free!I love the addition of pecan nuts in my brownies for a lovely nutty texture and a nice crunch, but you can play…, If you're looking for a beautiful, light dessert that looks stunning on the dinner table, this is the recipe for you. However, there is a huge problem with some of these machines and I have been searching the internet for other people with a similar issue. KitchenAid, Kenwood and Tefal all launched cheaper rivals to the Thermomix in the UK in 2015. What has disappointed me overall here is that the upgrade from the TM5 is so small, and the new features of the Thermomix that I was most excited for, have been restricted and in my tests, have turned out to be much less impressive than I had hoped. I attempted the honeycomb twice and it burnt both times. It is worth every dollar! It was thorough and honest. Vorwerk Thermomix review: An exceptionally powerful tool that can make an amateur look like a great chef, and has enough extra to make the pro want one. Save this story for later. On top of that, I’ve been dealing with loads of software bugs and issues which have made the whole thing much less refined than I had hoped. The new spatula, and measuring cup are nice improvements. })(); Stay up to date with all of our latest Thermomix recipes, tips and announcements. Thermomix® Spare Parts (33) Show more Show less. It’s worth noting that the new temperatures also required a redesign of the mixing bowl and blades, presumably to increase the temperature tolerances of the materials. All without dulling the blades, it's amazing! This is why Vorwerk is dedicated to providing the best possible customer care and why we aim to resolve any technical issue you may experience quickly and efficiently so that you won’t have to worry. These features are physical changes to the Thermomix that make it different from its predecessor, the TM5, and some of the things that I couldn’t wait to put to the test! Fermenting, especially making sourdough bread, is ALL about creating consistency in the environment and this simply wasn’t predictable enough to be useful. I think that this is vital for all Thermomix users because if we start to lose confidence in the guided recipes, then who knows where this can lead to? Thank you so much. Could you use a cookadoo recipe and adjust it and change ingredients to your own and just use the slow cook function? Will be really interested to see whether you think it’s worth upgrading. For a complete beginner it’s going to be wonderful for me I’m sure. The Thermomix's high cost and bold goals made me skeptical. Handy, but not earth shattering. This item is way overpriced on Amazon. But it has lasted really well. I had a TM5 with scales that jumped around, so returned it. So far I already have a TM31 as well as a TM5. You’re a legend. Indeed, my Oma fermented her Sauerkraut in her basement which must have been around 20 degrees (room temperature)! Both the TM5 and TM6 are perfect for beginners. } Vorwerk Thermomix TM5. This one is compatible with the TM5. Son gifted GF a designer bag from uni fund AIBU to be livid? I love the Thermomix Recipe Community recipes for the ratings and the comments from others. However if you are someone who doesn’t really mind about this stuff, it can easily seem like an unimportant upgrade. Great independent review thanks Sophie! Do you have any updates after using your TM6 for a little longer? Thanks again for the amazing review. Keep reading on further to see exactly how well they work under my review of the cooking functions! Now that I have experience as a house husband I’ve been hitting up the Thermomix a fair bit to help me with performing my household duties. These bacteria thrive at temperatures between 22-28 degrees…no higher. You can see the casing as a whole hasn’t changed, as the knob engrosses on the screen bezel. However, it stopped working 3 weeks ago and I sent it to the Thermomix repair centre… I was quoted over £400 for the repairing, so I decided to upgrade and bought a T-6. My great disappointment with the Thermomix is that you cannot turn off the blade during its operation,if for example you want to prove the dough in the thermi for bread making. Just to take part of your review here ‘This also reminded me that since we are locked into guided recipes with these functions, we are at the whim of the Vorwerk recipe development team who could make mistakes! The Thermomix is a fantastic gadget to have in the kitchen. I think Vorwerk need to look at this seriously because whilst there is not enough people yet to create a stir, things can go viral pretty easy at some point, when people start feeling really frustrated. I have seen a Polish video as well with 2 TM6s side by side, one connecting perfectly, the other throwing error c.572 all the time. No matter how hot the TM6 can get, the surface area of the mixing bowl simply isn’t large enough to allow adequate contact with the food. It takes the mundane and fiddly aspects of cooking and simplifies them for you. This is page 1 of 2 (This thread has 40 messages.). I hope they update this recipe going forward!’ Is that correct? division. When all is said and done, the Thermomix is a machine with a very fancy engine and the ability to revolutionise how, and what, you cook. Here it is guys, my full review of the Thermomix TM6! Overall I think this is a great added feature but I can’t see any obvious reason why this couldn’t have been included as a simple software update on the TM5. I can’t say a huge amount here other than I think that it is a lovely improvement. That has probably not happened because there are not a lot of cases yet in the grand scheme of things but paying over a 1000 pounds and not have it, it’s a no-no for me. I have own a T31 for the past 10 years and used it every day! It’s the WiFi part of the TM6, there’s definitely a problem with some of them. As I said we’ve very keen cooks but we have very busy lives and work full time and travel quite a lot. But hang on, some of you might be asking; surely you can cook sous vide on the TM5 right? This is the best kitchen appliance I ever bought. -if yes, what temperatures are available to you to select? Greatly appreciate it. Can't stand people referring to others as a 'Karen', Your questions about the Green Homes Grant have been answered by the experts from the BEIS and EST, Share your stories about your children’s favourite toys with Munchkin Nursery Steriliser - £100 voucher to be won, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. With guided cooking recipes on cookidoo (and there are currently not many) this is different depending on the recipe. ... UK 0330 6600 834 ROI 01 447 5157. Right at the end I fried it in a super hot pan with butter for about one minute on each side to get a crust at the end. On the TM5 we had to slowly increase the dial in order to safely whip up the blades without spraying hot soup all over the kitchen. Kenwood Chef. I contacted my consultant thinking I may need a recalibration and was advised to reduce the cooking time by a few minutes! This also reminded me that since we are locked into guided recipes with these functions, we are at the whim of the Vorwerk recipe development team who could make mistakes! The problem here is that if you are not using a guided recipe in Cookidoo, the blades don’t stop turning during the cooking process, so if you are hoping to slow cook chunks of meat such as beef shin, you’ll end up with shredded meat. New measuring cup – Really nice! You might be luckier with proving yeasted bread in the Varoma here if you discover a bowl that works for your quantities, but proving yeasted bread is not fermentation at all, next to zero fermentation takes place during that process as it happens so quickly (sometimes in as little as 30 minutes) so it shouldn’t be labeled under this heading. { Thank you so much Sophia for your much appreciated review! The caramelisation mode worked reasonably well, although the recipes needs correcting they seem to overcook the caramel, hopefully they will do this in the future. So the High Temp mode is essentially useless, unless you are a zombie. That’s not a bad thing at all, quite the opposite, and I very much appreciate your honesty and unbiased opinion. I personally think that it is definitely for Thermomix/Vorwerk a way to get more people to subscribe and enjoy their platform but for people like me totally unnecessary. OK. However, if you are someone who is excited to start experimenting with caramelisation, you’ll probably feel restricted here. Let me explain a little bit about how fermenting foods work in order to give you some context. I love my TM5 and might have upgraded if no silly internet locks on frying and that function actually worked well. From what I have seen and tested, the Thermomix team seemed to have skipped the research part and simply slapped the name “fermentation” on the yoghurt function from the TM5 and extended the time to 12hrs in the software. This isn’t a huge deal for me, but is a nice little improvement. Problem number one is that you can only access the frying feature within a guided cooking recipe on Cookidoo. I love cooking and was instantly hooked when I started using the thermi. I can’t tell you how lovely it feels to be able to weigh to the gram and not have to guess blindly when adding salt to a recipe for example, risking over-seasoning. The blades are ultra powerful so it can make powder from sugar or rice in seconds, also makes sorbet in minutes as it crushes the ice. New simmering basket – I’m indifferent here. I I’m extremely disappointed with my new TM6. It couldn't be easier, and the end results are just so beautiful. After 2 days we could say it was a great appliance. I upgraded from my TM31 to a TM5 4 months after it was launched due to me being a demonstrator at the time and I had to demo the newer model. This means that if you want to use the guided cooking functions on the new TM6 you need to have a Cookidoo subscription which is around £30 a year in the UK but may be different elsewhere in the world. Thank you for your honest and unbiased reviews. I was too embarrassed to admit to cousin that I actually planned just to squirt Ella's purees straight in to baby's mouth! This environment simply is not stable enough to achieve any kind of consistency in your bread (let alone any other fermented foods). Scam! This feature is one of the only two features that utilises the ability of the TM6 to access higher temperatures and was reported to finally enable us to get that wonderful browning effect on meat and vegetables that we have all been waiting for! So, not sure. It definitely feels faster compared to the TM5, but it definitely isn’t as smooth as an iPhone. but now includes 12 pre-set modes and 20 functions. Also, apart from the extension of the time to 12 hours and even more accurate temperature control, there isn’t anything that differentiates this from the TM5. During my tests I also measured the temperature in the Varoma during fermentation mode at 37C. Thanks Sophia! That was it. They are extremely accurate and they seem to be much more stable than the TM5 scales. She told me that was the best bit. Although these scales are a huge improvement to the TM5, I can’t report that the TM6 scales are any more durable. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. I am a Thermie fan,,, from when the first “Orange Cubes”, came on the market! Thanks for your comprehensive review. They lady told me to hold off and get the TM6. To be honest I’m not sold on the upgrades. So Sophia the 6 only has built in recipes with a cookidoo subscription? Only a Magimix food processor. They traditionally pack the food (such as a steak, fish or even vegetables) in a vacuum bag and add it to a water bath set to a specific temperature. My husband surprised me with a tm6, I have a 31 and Tm5 also. It actually makes the TM5 feel like a toy and very hard to go back to. The deals for the tm5 right now are crazy cheap and having all the bowls interchangeable is a plus. If you find such a bowl, please let me know! I’ve also posted a full review video on my YouTube channel which outlines all of these points and I definitely recommend reading this article in combination with the video if you want to get the full lowdown.

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