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cloud computing implementation: key issues and solutions

The cloud is a relatively recent technology, and businesses have adopted cloud solutions at a furious pace. Cloud computing is helping the society to cope with future problems such as managing big data, cyber-security and quality control. However, the security of data in the cloud is a key concern holding back cloud adoption for IT departments, and driving CASB adoption. As with every important social phenomenon there are issues that limit its widespread adoption. Adopting cloud computing solutions isn’t risk-free. by Brian | Published November 18, 2011. Cloud computing has become a social phenomenon [citation needed] used by most [quantify] people every day. “Don’t wait to move to the cloud until you have a big system switch such as to a cloud EHR or ERP,” he advised. A strategic shift to infrastructure brokering is needed. Headlines highlighting data breaches, compromised credentials, and broken authentication, hacked interfaces and APIs, account hijacking haven’t helped alleviate concerns. In this way, they can define a clear path to confidently implementing the solutions and technologies required to achieve the goal. The flexibility demanded by the mobile workforce is one of the key reasons cloud computing is on the rise. There are many advantages as well few security issues in cloud computing. On August 29, 2018, the FASB issued ASU 2018-15, which amends ASC 350-40 to address a customer’s accounting for implementation costs incurred in a cloud computing arrangement (CCA) that is a service contract. Here are some types of cloud computing business solutions and ways to integrate these technologies in your business this year. Adequately provisioning server capacity Implementing process, policy and role changes The services, techniques, and tools available to log and monitor cloud services typically vary across CSPs, further increasing complexity. Cloud computing provides the opportunity to meet the future demands on ICT through: • cost reduction: changing to an on-demand model for ICT where we only consume and Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of respondent listed it as a challenge with 27 percent saying it was a significant challenge. The ICT Audit also identified cloud services as a key service delivery transformation that will help address several of the challenges being faced by the legacy ICT environment. 10.3 Top 10 things to do and consider when implementing SaaS. The survey also examined how companies are implementing cloud-based technologies. Cloud computing benefits. Cloud computing business solutions like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services enable you to put costly IT resources in the cloud. Are cloud accounting applications right for you and your clients? It is a system where most businesses and people work from more than one computing device. In addition to this, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, distributed ledger technology, and many other capabilities are becoming available as services through cloud computing. This increases the cloud computing risks that can arise during the implementation or management of the cloud. Cloud Computing Challenge 3: Lack of Resources/Expertise. data centers), as well as capitalise on cloud computing’s numerous rewards. The anytime, anywhere access that cloud-based applications provide is ideal for workers who are always on the go. Government organisations have been shifting to cloud-based services in order to reduce their total investments in IT infrastructures and resources (e.g. There are many business models based on different service models that determine the price of services in the cloud. While regulations force cloud computing services to shore up their security and compliance measures, it remains an ongoing issue. Lack of resources and expertise ranked just behind security and cost management among the top cloud implementation challenges in the RightScale survey. Cloud computing trends. 1. If you are selecting cloud computing services or if you want to improve your ROI in the cloud, here are 50 questions you’ll want to ask! Efficiency / cost reduction. It also raises the question of how it can be properly secured. The architecture of your cloud environment is key and you must understand the respective data storage regulations in the countries you operate in. 2018-15, Background: Cloud computing accounting. Cloud computing is becoming a mainstream part of the IT ... effectively becoming a gateway for business units to obtain and implement external cloud services when it is appropriate and ensuring agreed decision frameworks are adhered to. There may also be emergent threats/risks in hybrid cloud implementations due to technology, policies, and implementation methods, which add complexity. With so many options, choosing the right mix for your business needs can be overwhelming. The reason behind opting out for cloud services is its multitude benefits including agility, scalability, business growth, cost benefits, and innovation. Cloud Computing Value Chain The key issue is how price / costs are measured, accounted, and distributed between different service layers and organizational units responsible of them. According to a study by the International Data Group, 69% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one capacity or another, and 18% say they plan to implement cloud-computing solutions at some point. Employees are not waiting for IT; they’re bringing cloud services to work as part of a larger “bring your own cloud” or BYOC movement. The Ponemon Institute surveyed 400 IT and IT security leaders to uncover how companies are managing user-led cloud adoption. By using cloud infrastructure, you don't have to spend huge amounts of money on purchasing and maintaing equipment. At the same time, Dell reports that companies that invest in big data, cloud, mobility, and security enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors. Elsewhere in the cloud implementation process, healthcare organizations should have a migration strategy they can learn from, but not at the cost of downtime or worse, said Madurai of CTG Health Solutions. Cloud computing presents many unique security issues and challenges. The large cloud service providers (CSPs) that entered the market with SaaS offerings, e.g.,, are integrating backwards into PaaS, with’s PaaS offering. They are the vendors selling cloud accounting solutions. * IOUG ResearchWire member study on Cloud Computing, conducted in August-September 2010. We've just had a quick and simple sketch of cloud computing—and if that's all you need, you can stop reading now. In the present scenario, cloud computing is seen as a fast developing area that can instantly supply extensible services by using internet with the help of hardware and software virtualization. Some industry insiders weighed in on the top cloud computing security issues and their solutions. Since Cloud computing is a new way of doing business you have to be clear about what you are letting yourself in for. Cloud providers offer on-demand, self-service resources with endless capacity, making it difficult for organizations to gain visibility into, and manage, what is being consumed. This presentation will highlight the key legal issues associated with cloud computing and some implementation methods for minimizing or mitigating those risks.… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How to manage five key cloud computing risks As the industry matures, there has been a rapid expansion in service offerings. This paper explores the different data security issues in cloud computing in a multi-tenant environment and proposes methods to overcome the security issues. Cloud Computing – Issues, Research and Implementations Mladen A. Vouk Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA “Cloud” computing – a relatively recent term, builds on decades of research in virtualization, distributed com-puting,utility computing,andmorerecentlynetworking, web and software services. In this article, we’ll define cloud accounting and look at the risks and benefits. Services through cloud computing may be interrupted by unforeseen events. Cloud computing is a new development of grid, parallel, and distributed computing with visualization techniques. Key management and encryption services become more complex in the cloud. By knowing how it intends to realize the benefits associated with cloud computing, an organization can better identify and address the challenges they will meet along the way. Here's a list of key benefits an enterprise can expect to achieve when adopting cloud infrastructure. According to Gartner, public cloud services market is projected to grow by 18 percent in 2017, reaching $246.8 billion in … Cloud computing is one of the fastest emerging technologies in computing. 1. 10 Vital Steps For Successful Cloud Computing Implementation. Some 40% of respondents said they use a hybrid cloud architecture, as some data cannot be hosted on a public cloud. Outages from a service provider, for example, can happen. In the cloud, data is stored with a third-party provider and accessed over the internet. When implementing SaaS, there are a number of processes and tasks that a business must complete, in order for them to successfully implement SaaS as a part of their infrastructure. Cloud computing involves using internet hosting rather than local severs, to make data and services easily accessible across locations and devices. This means visibility and control over that data is limited. It is changing the IT industry in a prominent way. This section fills in some of the details, asks some deeper questions, looks at current trends, such as the shift to mobile devices, and explores challenging issues like privacy and security. Governance of cloud computing is challenging even with a single cloud provider involved and becomes even more challenging as organizations move toward multicloud. It is imperative everyone understands their respective role and the security issues inherent in cloud computing. This added … In a disaster situation, communications may be slow or shut down for a period of time. Digital transformation initiatives have led corporate leaders to find the best digital solutions for their business tasks and workflows, including cloud computing. In this paper, we aim to pinpoint the challenges and issues of Cloud computing. However, just like any other technology investments there are also concerns over the potential risks of implementing cloud-based technologies. Ten of these considerations and processes are detailed below. This issue reviews FASB ASU No. Many believe that Cloud will reshape the entire ICT industry as a revolution. This drastically reduces capex costs. What is cloud accounting? Since providers are unable to guarantee no service disruptions will occur, data may not be available 24/7.

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